Are You Ready?
October 10, 2017
Dear friends and neighbors,

As we near the 4th Special Session, which starts on October 23rd, Representative Josephson, Representative Drummond and I invite you to meet with us to talk about the session. Please join us Monday, October 16 at Steller Secondary School. Details below:

Earthquake Preparedness

It’s that time of year again! Be prepared. Before the last leaf drops, make sure you and your family are ready for winter, and natural disasters. The top three most likely disasters to hit Anchorage include earthquakes, wildfires, and extreme winter weather. The Municipality of Anchorage has a Household Emergency Plan worksheet under their Emergency Management and Preparedness site . It is twelve pages long, and it may come in handy ( available here).

The guide is designed as a document to get you thinking about your emergency plan. Here are some quick do’s and don’ts for earthquake preparedness:

Do not stand in a doorway
Do not run outside – but if you’re already outside, don't run inside

Do drop (if you're in a wheel chair, lock it), cover, and hold on.

On October 19 at 10:19am, you can participate in the Great Alaska ShakeOut . This date is the world’s largest earthquake drill.


Fortunately, we had a mild season in Anchorage, and the time of year for maximum wildfire danger is ending. Still, make sure you have defensible space (a break of 15 feet from dry conifers and vegetation is recommended around your property) for next summer.  

More information about being “firewise” here .

Winter Weather

For winter weather, consult this handy visual guide:

Most of us have heard about tragic deaths that occurred due to the failure of a carbon monoxide detector. Please make sure you check that all your detectors are working and that you and your family have an escape plan in case of a fire. Have fire extinguishers ready and available and know how to use them.

Whatever you do, think ahead, be ready, and be safe.
I'm Berta and I'm listening.
Governor's Office